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About Me

My name is Richard Arellano and I'm a web hosting professional with a passion for information security.

I'm employed by a multinational computer software company as an Magento Support Engineer. My work experience has given me an in-depth knowledge of Linux server administration and allowed me to dive deep into the world of web applications and their many vulnerabilities. This interest led me to create a capture-the-flag game that contains web application vulnerabilities which can be exploited using
MySQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting.

I have a MSc in Information Security and I am also Security+ certified by CompTIA. Throughout my education, I have excelled in Web Application Security, Security and Privacy in Information Systems, Advanced Computer Forensics, and Advanced IT Auditing. I have also volunteered as a Student Ambassador at Rio Hondo College, teaching students how to program in Java and C++.

Learning in a classroom is great, but I also like to learn hands-on with practical projects. This led me to build a home lab with the goal of securing my own infrastructure. I'll be documenting my home lab projects in the blog portion of this website.

YouTube Demos

CTF Game is a Capture the Flag style challenge that I created for anybody interested in cyber security. The focus areas that this challenge measures are vulnerability discovery, exploit creation, toolkit creation, and operational tradecraft. Click on the Play button below to open the CTF game in a new tab.‚Äč

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