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About Me

My name is Richard Arellano and I am a professional in web hosting and website development with a focus on security.

I am employed by a worldwide web hosting company as a Senior-Level Web Hosting Agent. This position has given me an in-depth knowledge of website management and Linux server administration.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and I am currently attending California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to earn a Master of Science in Information Security. I am also CompTIA Security+ certified (June 2020 - June 2023). My education has introduced me to concepts in information security that I utilize when developing websites for my clients.

My education and career have allowed me to become well versed in creating websites and troubleshooting all things web hosting related, from DNS to the application level. This skill has led me to work freelance as a website designer and host.

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Web Hosting


Web hosting solutions provided by reputable companies including (mt) Media Temple and Amazon Web Services.


With several years of experience in web hosting, I can confidently direct you toward a resolution for all website related inquiries. 


Scalable web servers that will allow you to upgrade your resources to meet demand as your website grows in size or traffic. 


Highly ranked data centers with armed security, redundant power, fire suppression, and raised floors to protect your data.

Website Development


Simple or bold. I can design a website that gets your point across with style.


Highly visible. I use Search Engine Optimization applications that ensure you get high visibility online.


Cha-ching! Built in credit card and PayPal payment functionality will help you cash out quick and easy.


HTTPS-ready. I install Lets Encrypt certificates on all of my websites to ensure security for all of your visitors.

Link Building

More please! Using Link-Building applications, I increase your chance to receive larger orders with more products.

Contact Me

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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